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Videos Plugin

Global Settings

These settings affect all members in your community.

Please enter the full path to your FFMPEG installation. (Environment variables are not present)

Enter the domains of the sites (separated by commas) that you do not want to allow for Video Source. Example: example1.com, example2.com. Note: We've integrated Iframely API with this module. By default URLs that return a 'player' are allowed, such as music based websites like Soundcloud. You can use this setting to control which sites should not be allowed in this section.

Enter YouTube API Key for creating videos on your website used from YouTube as a source. For this, create an Application Key through the Google Developers Console page.
For more information, see: YouTube Data API.

How many jobs do you want to allow to run at the same time?

How many videos will be shown per page? (Enter a number between 1 and 999)

Do you want to make a unauthorized videos searchable? (If set to no, videos that are not authorized for the current user will not be displayed in the video search results and widgets.)

Enabling this option will give members the ability to embed videos on this site in other pages using an iframe (like YouTube).

Do you want to enable rating for the videos on your website?

Enter font icon for rating. You can choose font icon from here. Example: fas fa-star