General Settings

These settings affect your entire community and all your members.
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Maintenance Mode will prevent site visitors from accessing your website. You can customize the maintenance mode page by manually editing the file "/application/maintenance.html".

If empty, a password will be randomly generated.

Enter the number of days until users are required to reset their password. Enter 0 if you do not want to require users to change their passwords.

Choose from below the image that you want to show with the login form on your website.

Do you want to enable login logs when members log in to your website? If you choose yes then the login entry will save in the database.

Enter the number of days login logs will be stored before clearing.

The application connects to your server (using AJAX) every few seconds to check if there are any new notifications. How often do you want this process to occur? A shorter amount of time will consume less server resources. If your server is experiencing slowdown issues, try lowering the frequency the application checks for updates.

The base URL for static files (such as JavaScript and CSS files). Used to implement CDN hosting of static files through services such as Cloudfront.

Enter the Website Profile ID to use Google Analytics.

Anything entered into the box below will be included at the bottom of the <head> tag. If you want to include a script or stylesheet, be sure to use the <script> or <link> tag.

Choose from the below icons for your website. [Note: You can add new icons from the "File & Media Manager" section from here: File & Media Manager and upload icons with extension ‘.ico’ only.]

Do you want to show the 'Do Not Sell Info' settings in the Footer of the Website?

Do you want to enable recent login & switch account feature on your website?