Getting Started on Your Personal Fitness Goals

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    Personal fitness is my career and my way of life. Everyone is capable of some level of fitness. It just takes motivation and goals to achieve. Here are some tips:

    1. Start slowly. Talk with your doctor to see what level of exercise you can safely do. Ask about exercise equipment that he or she recommends.
    2. Try a local gym once you know what your doctor recommends. If you like it, think about getting some home equipment if you can afford it.
    3. Don't overdo your workout! Hydrate and have a time limit set in order to not over exert yourself.

    Here's some of my favorite equipment to start with:

    Exercise ball:

    Low weight dumbbells:

    Yoga mat for stretching:

    Those are just a few things to start with. None of them are expensive and are well worth the small investment.