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Sea life Bangkok and Madame Tussauds / travools

  • Location Bangkok [map]


Know about Sea life Bangkok and Madame Tussauds:-

Sea life Bangkok and madame Tussauds are famous attractions in Bangkok so many tourists come and visit both places. Here we talk about both attractive things and what you do here and don't worry about fun guys.
In the sea life ocean aquarium, you have a chance to watch 30,000 marine life which is spared over 10,000 square meters area. here you can spot impressive species of marine including shark basin, jellyfish, reptile zone, etc has created a comfortable environment for sea life. and the other side madame Tussauds is totally different from Madame Tussauds is a unique art wax museum is a world-famous wax museum. IN madame Tussauds Bangkok you can touch, hug, play and even take click selfies of wax figures click


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