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How can I get a Free Trial?

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    Nov 8
    Awesome question! We offer a full 30 day trial of our SocialEngine PHP product, complete with all SocialEngine core plugins such as blogs, albums, classifieds, etc.

    You can request your trial , get started on your site and purchase within the 30 day period with ease.

    Free 7 Days of Customer Support
    For the first 7 days of your trial we offer free support to ensure you're up and rolling.

    The Trial Expires After 30 days
    Once it's expired, the site won't work at all. However, your database will stay intact, which you can use with the full version!.

    Some of the trial's PHP source code is encrypted (the full version is 100% unencrypted). Please note: The trial only works on PHP 5.3 and above.