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  • A group to seek opportunities to share our homes or insights to our cities with each other. Being a host and sharing your local knowledge is truly rewarding. Why CouchSurf: get to know the locals, get a glimpse of the local life, cultural exchange,...  more
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  • Emma Simmons
    Emma Simmons: Wish I could host someone in New York, but I don't even have a full length sofa in my apartment. Happy to guide you through the SOHO, LES, East and West Village if you're up for it.
    • Jul 30
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  • Adam Nowak
    Adam Nowak posted a topic in the group CouchSurfing:
    You can choose to host someone in your home, or simply host someone as a guide to a city.

    Please be courteous and responsive to fellow travelers.

    Post a photo of your abode, the accomodations, the timeframe you are willing to host someone.
    • Jul 30
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