Advice for older dog with warts

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    September 28, 2022 3:36 AM PDT

    Charlie has got some warts around her mouth. One on one side and a cluster on the other. She is 9.5 years old now. These appeared quite quickly, in fact we had gone on holiday and she was with our dog minder. The minder took her to the vet who said they were more than likely the viral warts, which meant we had to come home immediately to collect her. Our dog minder has another dog in the house and as they are so infectious it was a problem.

    I have researched all the old posts on here and googled it, but all the posts really refer to young dogs. As it is an immune system problem should I be worried that she may have a problem, or accept that she has just been unlucky and we will have to sit it out with fingers crossed it doesn't last too long?

    Would be interested to hear if there are any experiences out there. Thank you.

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    September 28, 2022 3:40 AM PDT

    Hi! Thank you for the topic, as such I can't help you with an answer, since I myself now need such information