Need to be able to download cloud-saved backup files

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    September 27, 2022 4:51 AM PDT

    I have recently had to replace a UDM-Pro (hardware fault).

    This process was surprisingly difficult to do because there is currently no way to get the network configuration backup out of the old unit, and into the new one, without jumping through surprisingly non-obvious hoops. i.e. there is no end to end workflow to easily do this (and preserve all my complex configuration from my old unit).


    • 1) 'new' UI on the UDM-Pro has no way to save a backup file to local disk. The 'old' interface allows this, so i was able to switch back to that and to save a config backup to local disk that way. Fortunately, my hardware fault was intermittent so I could do this from the old device - but what if the old device had failed totally? Then I would have been completely unable to access the old saved backup (see issues below) and would have had to set up my complex environment again from scratch, which would have been very time consuming and error-prone (and avoidable!).
    • 2) The 'new interface' beta feature to save config backups regularly to the my SSO based cloud account is a great idea. It is not on by default, and it should be. But - the issue here is that - once saved - you can view the list of those saved backups on the SSO account but you can't save them to local storage in order to apply them to a new UDM-Pro device! ; Currently the only thing you can do with them is restore one back to the very same device later.
    • 3) When booting up a new UDM-Pro from scratch, there is no option to nominate that you are replacing an old device and select an existing UDM-Pro SSO cloud backup to use to restore the device. That leads to two un-desirable outcomes: (a) You have to pick a new device name in your SSO setup, leaving the old, dead, hardware in your account as an 'orphan' that can't be removed and (b) you can't select the old SSO backup to restore in the UI on the new box because it will only access cloud backups saved on the same (new) device - catch-22!


    Overall, then, there is actually no workflow that currently exists, that can take the backed up configuration from an old (and failed) UDM-Pro and let you load that into a new (replacement hardware) UDM-Pro - or indeed to copy the config across to a new device for any other reason (e.g. wishing to clone it into new sites).


    Feature requests that flow from this:


    1) Put 'backup to local storage' back into the new web interface (it isn' there right now) so that it is at least possible to take a manual emergency backup config backup manually, for this sort of contingency (or copying to a new device for any other reason) using the new interface.

    2) Add a facility in the new interface to allow the viewing and restoration (to this device) of configuration backups from *other* UDM-Pro devices that are saved in my SSO backup area, rather than limiting the selection of backups to 'cloud restore' to being only this saved on this particular hardware

    3) Set the new ''backup to SSO storage' beta feature to be by default once it is out of beta - its a great idea

    3) ** critically ** : allow the SSO login web page to let you save cloud-stored backups to local storage!!. This is the CRITICAL missing item - if you can't download the saved backup from a defunct machine, you can't then load it up into a new machine!! You can view a list of saved backups in the SSO login area - but you cannot download them to local storage .. why on earth not??

    4) Ideally: Create a direct way to 'restore this machine from the backup of a previously saved one' - as a new workflow during the startup phase of bringing up a UDM-Pro, which would cut to the chase somewhat here and avoid leaving the old 'orphan' config in the SSO cloud area too

    5) Provide a way to delete an old/defunct cloud UDM-Pro identity (eg. from my dead hardware). I filed a support request on how to delete it and got told how to filter it out of my display instead. Filtering it out works but it is not the same as deleting it.

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    September 27, 2022 5:02 AM PDT

    I am using as a cloud service. You need to backup the files manually, and it is why I don't need to check if the files were backups up. Also, a big advantage is unlimited online storage; you must manually upload the files. You will get a link to the file and can view it online or even download it on your computer. It is a handy website, because you can share the storage you have with anyone, so you can give access to your file to multiple users, which is comfortable when you fastly need to share information

  • September 28, 2022 1:22 AM PDT

    There is no option to specify that you are replacing an older device and choose an existing UDM-Pro Search Engine Optimization cloud backup to utilize when setting up a new UDM-Pro from scratch. That results in two undesirable consequences: The old, deceased hardware in your account is left as a "orphan" that cannot be removed because (a) you must select a new device name in your SSO setup, and (b) you are unable to choose the previous SSO backup to restore in the user interface on the new box.