ePROMIS The Ai-Based ERP Software

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    September 19, 2022 10:53 PM PDT

    With pre-built dashboards and reports, ePROMIS delivers powerful insights that help in-depth business analysis. The metrics and cutting-edge analytical tools give a visual representation that reduces the decision-making time. The one-click reports with ready-to-use formats not only save time but helps make evidence-based decisions.

    Resource planning and scheduling purchases become more convenient with the project management software. More precisely, the strategies developed using business intelligence help reduce wastage and operating costs. Also, the erp for manufacturing industry Cloud makes the entire process from order to cash a seamless experience bringing together pricing, sales, finance, and returns on a single platform.

     From acquiring assets to utilizing them, asset management is a strenuous task when it is fragmented on different platforms. cloud based procurement solutions provides technicians and service management employees access, unifying asset management data on a single portal.

    The software ensures instant access anytime while protecting highly cnfidential business-related data with the enhanced security feature. In addition, the regular backup feature and quicker recovery across applications protect all business data from loss due to any uncertainty. It also helps ease customer communication, which will reflect on the business's brand identity.

    User access control, interactive graphical user interface, real-time dashboards, and integration with other standard business tools are the features that make the ERP platform every business's primary choice of preference.