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How do I activate my Roku?

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    September 15, 2020 7:47 PM PDT

    Here are the simple steps on How to activate Roku Device: 

    1. Closely follow the Quick Start Guidebook that arrived with the device. it gives you minutely detailed instructions about your new-purchased device. 


    1. Complete the instructions that pop up on the device screen and connect it with a stable internet connection. 

    Once the device is connected to power and a stable network, it might automatically download the required software. 


    1. Next, the device will display a link code that you need to remember. It is always better to note down the code immediately to minimize the chances of forgetting it afterwards. A lot of people have trouble logging in as they forget the activation code and can’t log in properly. 


    1. To activate Roku, note down the activation code and go to the official website on your phone or any other device. 


    1. Upon accessing the website, enter the required code that you had earlier noted down and promptly click submit. 


    1. Next, there will be instructions on how to create a Roku account. If you already have an existing one, you can simply sign up using the details. You can create it upfront on


    1. After logging into the account, you will be able to add the preferred channels that you want to enjoy. It has both free and paid channels that need subscription in order to be viewed.


    1. In the case of a new account, details of your payment method will be required. This amount is charged for purchasing different subscription packages and popular channels or the renting and buying of Movies and TV shows. The details of your payment account are absolutely safe and are not divulged to anybody. The amount will only be subtracted after a successful purchase. It is possible to pay via credit cards or simply through PayPal. 

    1. Once you have completed all the steps mentioned above, your Roku account is activated and ready to use.

    Time to binge-watch favorites or the ones you haven’t watched yet!


    You can also contact at Roku Customer Care Number +1(844) 539-9831 or you can also visit here at

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