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Psychologists at Yonge and Eglinton and Liberty Village

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    April 13, 2021 9:37 AM PDT

    Clinical Psychologists are responsible for the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment, and prevention of mental disorders. Clinical psychology includes both scientific research, focusing on the search for general principles, and clinical service, focusing on the study and care of patients. All Clinical Psychologists in Ontario require a PhD level education of university and receive training even after this concludes, they continually update their qualifications and are always subject to some form of supervision.

    At KMA Therapy Toronto, we have several clinical and counselling psychologists who are taking on weekly patients. We offer both in person and online counselling and psychotherapy services, and although we are based out of Toronto, our online counsellors and psychologists make it possible for all Ontario residents to access our therapy services. Your weekly sessions are usually long-term, and are usually eye-opening and help you grow - not only to achieve your current goals, but to help you learn more about yourself and push you past the things that are holding you back. In your weekly sessions, we may use things like cognitive behavioural therapy (which is commonly known as CBT), and psychodynamic psychotherapy. We may also use assessments or quizzes to identify what is the best approach for you and, in some cases, where the exact problems lie if you are unsure. We can help with a broad range of difficulties including depression, anxiety, marital difficulties, social anxiety, phobias, bipolar and obsessive compulsive disorder.