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Digital Islamic Personal Financing


Xanderia Services is an emerging TechFin company based in Malaysia with a vision of becoming a leading Shariah-compliant TechFin service provider across South East Asia. The company offers Islamic Personal Financing products via cloud-based secure mobile and digital platforms, leveraging AI and analytics that enhance product efficacy and improve customer experience.


The company's strategy is focused on sustainable growth delivered through technology platforms targeted at key addressable markets and communities with bespoke Islamic Personal Financing products. By providing Shariah-compliant financing services, the company aims to offer a unique value proposition to customers seeking financial products that align with their religious and ethical values.


Xanderia Services has identified the B-40 market as an underserved segment in the financial services industry. The company intends to disrupt this market by offering Personal Islamic Financing products customized to meet this segment's unique needs. The company's focus on humanizing technology to optimize financing processes will enable it to deliver a superior customer experience to this market and achieve sustainable growth. On top of that, the implementation of salary deduction through Biro Perkhidmatan Angkasa (BPA) has successfully smoothened the repayment system and improved the overall customer experience.


The company is committed to delivering carbon-neutral operations by 2025. This demonstrates the company's dedication to promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility. Such a commitment is significant as it reflects the company's awareness of its impact on the environment and its desire to mitigate the negative effects of its operations.


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