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Pipe Relining Sydney


Don’t dig up your yard or driveway. Take advantage of the latest Pipe relining Solutions. This new German technology has now been introduced to Australia. At Sydney Drain Surgeons we provide a NO DIG or Destruction solutions for as blocked drains, collapsed and broken pipes, blocked sewers and pipes damaged by tree roots, storm water pipes and many more.

Using our state of the art technology we perform CCTV Drain camera inspections to locate the blockage or damage pipe, we clear the pipe using high pressure jetting equipment and prepare the pipe for re-lining. There is no digging, or excavation required. A new pipe is simply inserted through the old pipe and it creates and new pipe within that is 4x stronger than standard PVC pipes.

The next time you experience a blocked drain or pipe DON’T DIG! Consider relining your pipes with Sydney Drain Surgeons.  Call Blocked Drain Plumber on 02 9158 3564 or Get your Free Quote online today for pipe relining Sydney services.

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