UAE Girls Massage

  • Receiving kneading should be conducted using a smooth gradual movement and pressure on the skin should initially produce less intensive, and as a massage to increase the force of impact. Kneading may be performed with one hand. To do this, the therapist grasps the arm partner hand and slowly moves in a given direction, affecting the muscles of the fingers partner.

    Besides kneading can be done using both hands. In this case, the therapist grasps the arm partner so that the thumbs are at the top. Next, the muscles begin to compress, compress and delay upward. This exercise should be done moderately intense, whilst ensuring that the partner does not feel discomfort. When the partner is already well relaxed, the application of reception tingling.

    Reception is performed using the thumb and index fingers of both hands by capturing and pulling muscle tissue. Forearm muscles, buttocks and thighs - the main area of application tingling. Liberation from excessive muscle tension will receive pressure. Dubai girls available during the excitation of this receiving receptors, whereby better tissue supplied with blood.

    For a more active influence use squeezing his fists. To this end, hand compressed in a fist and the front part of the fist is made pressure on the problematic muscle. Technique of Dubai escorts massage. For best results from the erotic massage is recommended at the start of the procedure to implement foreplay: soft gentle touches caress partner's face, his arms, stomach, neck, back, chest and even the buttocks.

    Feature of preconditioning Dubai sensual massage is the possibility of using other parts of the body as an instrument in its preparation. Thus, for the spirit partner to the desired way possible effects using the tip of the tongue, or chest. For example, the body of the partner can pave the path of ripe berries, gradually moving and eating berries. Dubai escorts massage of the abdomen.

    Stomach area is one big erogenous zone, with the skillful action on which a person is able to experience a pleasant feeling, bordering with orgasm. The man at the subconscious level often refers to this part of the body is very critical (due in the art of body fat), but because it only admit to the nearest person. Abdominal massage creates a trust relationship between the partners and requires special attention in its implementation.

    Perfect technique is circular stroking belly. The exercise is quite simple and consists in the fact that the therapist puts both hands on the stomach area partner, starting with the soft and gentle circular movements to massage this area. The best position to perform the massage - kneeling in front of a partner.

    It is in this position, the therapist can see the reaction partner in the applicable exposure to them and, if necessary, to carry out its adjustment. Transverse abdominal massage is done through the navel from one side to the other abdominals relaxed hands, the movement should be gentle and soft. Also acceptable rubbing belly pad of his thumb, followed by a press in the navel.

    Also provide a great effect rubbing along the spine pad of his thumb with a further circular base of the palm by a press on the shoulder area of ​​a partner. Erotic massage of the abdomen and shoulder is only a small part of the great science delivered by partner heavenly pleasure. With erotic massage and other body parts, you, dear reader, will be able to read, referring to the specialized literature on erotic massage. And remember: there is nothing in the world happier than to bring joy to people close.