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Airsharp - a ready-made box solution for online services

  • Content in video format today is in the most demand in the Internet market. But posting it on a popular video hosting service might not be the best idea. The Airsharp Company provides its clients with a quality product ready for use with full rights for its use. The main clients can be both major services and online portals as well as individuals with small video projects. Airsharp Embedded Video platform allows you to embed video files into your website, and easily add and manage video libraries and playlists even from other platforms to broadcast quality video for viewers on various devices. Visit to take a closer look at the features of our platform, including flexible ad customization and built-in anti-bot protection.

    How to add a video to your site

    There are many different ways to put a video on a web page. You can add a video you've already uploaded to another site, such as YouTube. But often the video may not be viewable or may be deleted. And if you upload the whole video to your site, it can have a bad effect on the speed of page loading. In that case, you can resort to HTML5 technology and upload the files to third-party hosting. You need to apply different attributes to select the desired size of the playback window, put a preview and configure, for example, looping and auto-start videos. But the most popular way is the embeddable player, which will not only facilitate the work of your site, but also greatly simplify the setup, provide high quality video and smooth playback. You can embed not only your own videos, but also easily add and manage playlists of embedded videos from various platforms.


    Airsharp service allows you not only to add videos to your website but also to monitor the popularity of your content. Powerful analytics tools allow you to get more return on your marketing investment. You can easily track averages such as:

    • The average time your videos are viewed.
    •     Average visitor dwells time.
    •     Average viewing depth.
    •     Average video buffering time.
    •     Average bandwidth consumption.

    These and many other metrics should be used in conjunction with conversion analytics, but often (especially for video ads) you can run into suspicious activity that will get in the way of collecting the necessary data. On our website you can take advantage of our Airsharp Enterprise Bot Defender utility, which uses the latest machine learning algorithms and is constantly evolving to protect you from fraud.



    If you only need to add someone else's video to your site, you can stop at well-known video hosting sites. But for your own site with video content, you may need various features provided by services like Airsharp. In addition to a built-in player, the site offers clients protection against bots, VPN for data encryption, and powerful analytics tools.