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How the unity of mom and dad affects the child

  • Physical activity
    Agree that healthy male aggression should also develop harmoniously, but mom has little opportunity to do something about it. When my son in his early teens came to me to wrestle, I was, to put it mildly, at a loss. The maximum that a mother can do is send her son to the wrestling section. And dad would be invaluable in this area too.

    I have run this sphere of education so much that my son now believes that for a woman to repair anything is the most common thing. And a man doesn't even have to go there. Such consequences can negatively affect the child's learning. It is important that both father and mother are involved in the upbringing process. This is especially true for training. If the child is unable to cope with homework or writing papers, use the help from and then there will be a good result. The child will see the unity of mom and dad and just want to obey them.
    men's work
    Nailing a shelf, assembling a closet, hanging a chandelier, chopping firewood - I can do some of this myself. But much better I can teach you to bake pies or grow flowers. And from the men's tools in the house, I have only the bare minimum, in contrast to the kitchen utensils, where I lovingly chose every whisk and Teflon baking sheet. How to teach your son all the male wisdom? At the lessons at school they give the same minimum. Only sections remain, but they are most often highly specialized, and it is not always possible to persuade your son to go to them.