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How To Attest Documents From Ministry Foreign Office In UAE

  • Ministry of foreign affairs attestation is required when you are applying for an offshore bank account in UAE. This attestation is the proof of your company exists in the ministry of foreign affairs. It is valid for three years.

    A MOFA attestation in UAE is the process of confirming the genuineness of a document from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE. The MOFA attestation process is an essential step for the Ministry to issue visas for expatriates. Only the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE can issue a MOFA attestation. If a document is not attested from the MOFA, the Ministry cannot issue visas.

    Ministry of foreign affairs is dealing with any matter related to attestation of any document, certificate, and degree certificate issued in your country. Any person needs to have any certificate attested or verified from MOFA, the attestation certificate is not issued by any other authority and it’s not required to submit any document with the attestation certificate.

    Source: Document Attestation in Abu Dhabi

    How do attest documents from the ministry foreign office in UAE, there is a simple process that you need to follow.

    MOFA in the UAE does not verify documents. What you need to verify is your passport as mentioned in this post. There are several reasons for which you can go ahead and get your passport verified by MOFA in the UAE.

    MOFA Attestation Requirements are as follows:

    • Original copy of the certificate with complete seal and signature of Gazetted Officer of the concerned Department
    • Attested copy of the same by the Ministry or Higher Authority of the country.
    • If the attestation is to be done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, then the applicant must attach an attestation letter from the Embassy of the UAE in his/her country, declaring that the attestation is to be done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE.

    MOFA attestation is a process by which the official documents issued by the government of a foreign country are certified for their authenticity. It is the responsibility of the Applicant to ensure that the documents are certified by the laws of the country in which they are going to be used. To obtain a MOFA attestation, the Applicant should submit the original or the copy of the document to the MOFA in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

    You need to send the original documents along with the notarized copy of the document to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the certificate will be ready for collection in 7 to 10 business days.  Documents for MOFA attestation in UAE:

    • Passport Certificate and its copies
    • Visa/ Residence permit and its copies
    • ID card and its copies
    • Original graduation or medical certificate
    • Photocopy
    • Original previous degrees
    • photocopy
    • Original school certificates & photocopy

    How to get documents verified from Ministry of foreign affairs from UAE:

    • In most cases, documents related to UAE will be verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of that country.
    • You should start by sending the document to the Embassy of the particular country in UAE.
    • They will contact you back in a few days to let you know whether they will verify or not.
    • In most cases, they will. If they do, make an appointment with them and go there with your passport and the document you need to be verified.
    • They will verify free of cost.
    • If you send them an email and the documents by post, then you should contact them the day before to confirm your appointment.
    • Their contact details should be there on their website.