Dune: The Greatest Science Fiction Story

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    I grew up on Star Wars and I loved it. That is to say, I loved Episodes 4-6. I know that this is hardly a hot take anymore but the pre-quals were tough to handle but as a die-hard fan, I persisted. As I grew older and started to develop my own tastes outside of what was provided for me by my family, I began to look for other books, tv shows, and movies that would fill the Star Wars shaped hole left in my life after the conclusion of Episode 3. It was then that I head the name of what was known as the greatest Science Fiction book of all time. A book that I recognized from a video game I used to play but didn't truly appreciate. It was then that I heard of Frank Herbert's Dune. The following is my defense of why Dune should be considered the greatest science fiction story of all time, transcending medium and time.

    Now at this point, I will be honest with you. I am creating content so you can see this site in action and while my friends will attest that all it takes is one beer and a willing ear and I will talk incessantly about this topic, I don't have the time to actually write out an essay. So, just like my papers in college, I'm going to insert some filler text and hope you don't notice. 

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    In conclusion after much careful research and consideration, I believe that I have made my case persuasively and eloquently. I used lots of fancy words and evocative imagery that made you realize that Dune is, indeed, the greatest science fiction story ever told.

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  • Emma Simmons Well put. The lorem ipsum dolor is the winning argument here. Though I will say that the movie (original) was great and I haven't read the book. Did you get the unabridged version? If not, I highly recommend getting it mainly because it'll contain things...  more
  • Neil Watson Emma Simmons I actually got the 40th edition with the glossary of terms in the back. Frank Herbert has so many weird terms in his universe that he just doesn't explain. That glossary was invaluable. I also suggest getting the eBook version. I don't know...  more