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    Avana 100 Mg


    Avana 100 mg Tablet is employed for the temporary improvement of male erectile disorders. It represents the last generation of medication for men, because it was developed but ten years ago and is that the hottest formulation than previous pills for the treatment of potency. It works by blocking PDES within the smooth muscle cells that line the blood vessels supplying the penis with the corpus cavernosum. Compared to other drugs prescribed for the identical purpose, this drug works faster thanks to its rapid passage through the body. The drug itself works by relaxing the associated muscles and improving blood flow to specific parts of the body. Avanafil is that the active substance of the drug. within the process of stimulation within the cavernous body of the male sexual organ, it relaxes the arteries and vessels to extend blood flow to the proper places. The enzyme FDE-5, in some cases, disrupts the natural action, not allowing cGMP to accumulate to the specified level. to settle on which Avanafil dosage is best for you, just read the Avana 100 review.

    How Take Avana 100 mg

    you ought to take one Avana 100mg tablet with a glass of water about 15-30 minutes before gender with or without food, despite the actual fact that food can avert the effect. The effect of Avana Tablet 100mg may last for 4-5 hours after you are taking the tablet. you must take one tablet daily and if you plan to own sex. The portion of Avana you're taking should be as prescribed by your medical care physician and might be changed if the portion you're taking is simply too solid or too fragile.

    How to Work Avana 100 mg

    Avana (Avanafil) Tablet could be a phosphodiesterase 5 enzyme inhibitor. The function of this enzyme is to degrade cGMP present within the corpus carvernosum. During arousal gas is released within the corpus cavernosum within the penile region resulting in a rise in cGMP. CGMP relaxes smooth muscles and increases blood flow to the penile region and causes an erection.

    Dosage Of Avana 100 mg

    If you miss part, take it as soon as you recollect it. On the off chance that it is time for your next portion, avoid this portion at that point as a double portion may cause symptoms. Avana 100 Mg dosage tablets should be taken in one go. Patients taking cardiovascular medications for heart problems shouldn't take this medicine because it can cause rapid circulatory strain. Grapes and fruit juice should be avoided with this medicine.

    Side-effects Of Avana 100 mg

    • Cerebral pain
    • Dazedness
    • Flushing
    • Cold side effects
    • Nasal clog
    • Back torment

    Warrning Of Avana 100 mg

    Drinking alcohol while taking Avana 100 mg Tablet is dangerous. Information on the employment of Avana 100 mg Tablet during pregnancy isn't available. Consult your physician. Avana 100mg Tablet may decrease alertness, interfere together with your vision or cause you to feel tired and dizzy. Avoid driving if these symptoms are present. Patients plagued by severe disease should avoid taking Avana 100mg Tablet. Avana 100 mg Tablet may require dose adjustment. sit down with your doctor. Avana 100mg tablet is safe for kidney patients. No dose adjustment is suggested for Avana 100 mg Tablet.

    Storage Of Avana 100 mg

    Store at temperature between ( 15-25°C ). Store the Avana 100 mg below 25° C during a awfully cool, dry place.