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How to fix Dyson V6 that keeps stopping and starting

  • Dyson V6 is well-rated in the market for its suction power, versatility and efficiency. However, you might run into pulsating problems that need fixing every once in a while.


    Dyson V6 is one of the top vacuum cleaners in its range. It is powerful, lightweight and easily maneuverable. Its good features are innumerable. Nonetheless, you might bump into a few issues while using it. For instance, this particular model often has reported issues regarding its pulsating. Simply put, pulsating is when a vacuum cleaner keeps stopping and starting up when you want to put it to use. While this is not a deal breaker with Dyson vacuums because they are really good on other fronts, knowing how to fix it is important. There are simple steps you can follow to ensure you get continuous stream of suction at all times. Read more details dyson v6 keeps stopping and starting- How to fix


    To fix your Dyson V6 that keeps stopping and starting, this guide highlights a few methods of diagnosing and fixing it. All these methods are largely are compatible with both cordless and corded models.


    Broadly, if your Dyson V6 has this pulsating problem it could either be filter blockages, power issues or the motor is overheating. These are issues you can easily diagnose at home and fix by following these instructions closely.


    For power issues


    Dyson V6 usually keep stopping and starting when it is not getting power properly. There are a few ways to check if the vacuum is failing because of erroneous power supply.


    How to diagnose and fix


    The first way to fix your Dyson V6 is to check if it is properly charging. If it is, charge it to full bars and try to vacuum. Make sure it is properly plugged in (corded) and check if it will start up correctly. If you are using the super powerful mode (MAX), your batteries should be up to task always. A flashing light is usually an indication that your battery needs more juice. If the vacuum is properly plugged in or fully charged for cordless yet it will not work, the problem might be with the battery.


    In like all electric appliances, the batteries on your Dyson V6 are bound to wear down with time. Consider replacing them every so often because the battery life eventually degrades with every usage. If your battery lasts only a few minutes while in use, you are due for a replacement. Depending on how often you use your vacuum, a replacement might be one way to fix your Dyson V6 in case of this pulsating problem. Keep in mind that a new battery pack is not too expensive.


    In case of blockages


    Another reason why your Dyson V6 keeps stopping and starting might be because of blockages in the filter and other components. Here are a few ways to make sure the cleaner is clear of any obstructions that might prevent it from blasting at its full potential.


    Step 1


    First, empty the bin. Dyson V6 might keep pulsating because the bin might be full with debris. Even when empty, the cleaner might malfunction by perceiving the bin to be full even when it is not. Therefore, empty the bin and try to dislodge any dirt or dust particles that might have stuck to the bin. Do not be afraid to give the bin a few gentle knocks and wipe it down.


    For even better results, you can use a thin flathead object to get all the hard to reach areas.


    Once you are sure the bin is clean, power on the cleaner to see if it will run smoothly without any interruptions. A Dyson V6 requires air flow that is not hindered by any particles (dirt or dust). A full bin can easily get in the way of this and make it pulsate.


    Step 2


    Once you have emptied the bin and the cleaner still will not run well, you should check for blockages in all other components. For instance, do not forget tool attachments like motor heads. Most of them get easily clogged up because of vacuuming tangled hair. You should also check for blockages in the hose, wand and stick.


    Make sure you do this with the vacuum unplugged from the power socket. You do not want to get shocked while at it.


    To be sure you have done a proper cleanup, you need to tear the vacuum apart first and clean it all the way in. Dyson V6 is easy to remove and you only need a screwdriver to pry open hard areas. Once it has come apart, wash it well with lukewarm water and leave it to air dry for 24 hours. For the hose, remove the handle and drop a coin through one open end. This is to be sure there are no blockages there too.


    If the Dyson V6 still does not run well after this, have a look at the filter.


    Step 3


    To be sure you have cleared the vacuum of all blockages; you need to check the filter as well. If you have not cleaned the filter in a while, that might be the cause of your issues. Filters often bump into problems with tangled hair.


    Properly cleaning your filter is easy. First, remove all attachments and slide down the filter release button. Tilt the filter door and remove the filter from the motor base. Have a close look to see if there any blockages. Run lukewarm water through it and leave it to air dry for 24 hours.




    If your Dyson V6 has a pulsing problem (keeps starting and stopping) it could be because of a few things. It might not be properly charged, it has blockages or


    This guide has illustrated on how to go about diagnosing and fixing this issue. Before going to your manufacturer for a replacement, simply cleaning it out or checking its power supply can save you the hassle. For in depth analysis, you only need a few tools like a butter knife, microfiber cloth and a coin.


    Dyson V6 is a really good machine that sometimes runs into pulsating problems. You can easily have this fixed at home.