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NBA 2K Gave Away A 24K Gold PS5 With A Retail Value of More Tha

  • 2K23 includes a huge open-world web portal called The City that lets players explore various quests, purchase in the stores, and even train 2K23 MT. Instead of talking about the latest features of the game however, fans have made use of social media platforms to discuss their experiences of the latest bizarre advertising place on NBA 2K23, a cameo of insurance mascot Jake of State Farm.

    It is the NBA 2K series is known for letting fans make their own basketball star using MyCareer mode. It starts from the bottom as amateurs and allows them to climb their progress to the top of the NBA by finishing quests and missions.

    Returning to NBA 2k23is MyCareer mode, which lets players explore an online hub in which they can create their own character on a basketball adventure from the court into an open-world city , and eventually become the next NBA star.

    In the course of their journey gamers can also browse stores and modify their avatars. As with each else NBA 2K title is riddled with microtransactions. Moreover, the finest cosmetics are only available to purchase.

    As reported by Kotaku the players have begun to see an in-game promotional spot in the form of State Farm insurance. The storefront for NBA 2K23's game in The City has received an entirely new area dedicated exclusively to State Farm and one particular quest in MyCareer sees the player having to interact with the mascot of the insurance company, Jake.

    Appearing in numerous ads before, Jake from State Farm has returned with the NBA 2K23 cameo. Fully motioned captured by the original actor Jake introduces new players to his area wearing his State Farm uniform that he is known as "drip".

    Furthermore, State Farm also has a storefront. State Farm store also offers additional cosmetics with a brand name priced from 15,000 VC priced at PS3.99/$4.99 in real money. While finding the whole space to be anything but bizarre, fans have used social media to denigrate 2K for its unabashedly forced advertisements.

    The past few years, 2K has included ad for products that are not connected to the NBA and has received an overwhelming backlash because of its inability to skip ads in NBA 2K20 and its exploitative behavior Cheap NBA 2K23 MT. For fans who love the show, they might not be surprised with this latest State of the Farm insurance advertising however.