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The most recent patch to WOTLK Classic includes the creation of

  • Now that they've been around for more than 20 years, there are a few MMORPGs that currently have both modern and WOTLK Classic versions running at the same time WOTLK Gold. World of Warcraft is one instance, with producer Blizzard recently making an announcement about an expansion of the retail game, as well as the next patch as part of the continuing historical evolution of WOTLK Classic.

    The most recent patch to WOTLK Classic includes the creation of a new region that is a huge island off the northern shore of the Eastern Kingdoms under the care of a faction called The Shattered Sun Offensive. In the Isle of Quel'Danas is located within a short distance of Silvermoon City, the capital of the Blood Elves while it is part of the Horde race the isle can be accessed by all players of both factions . The island includes completely new content for every player.

    Shattrath City

    Although the most significant locations for this faction are on the isle, all players need to begin elsewhere to have access into the Isle of Quel'Danas itself. You can talk to an Draenei NPC named General Tiras'alan, one of the representatives of the Offensive and standing right next to A'dal, to begin the quest that will lead to an Isle of Quel'Danas for the first time.

    Shattrath is also an important hub for the other Shattered sun NPCs, who give out daily quests once the initial phase of the island is completed buy WOTLK Gold. The daily challenges that are provided to players on Shattrath tend to be done in Outland particularly in the areas that are Netherstorm and Garadar, so there's always an option to grind the reputation levels outside of the new zone in order to escape the crowds.

    Sun's Reach Harbor

    All players, regardless of their faction, land on an airport on the western part of this harbor upon arrival at Quel'Danas. This area will be connected with all the normal flight paths that normally connect to the player's faction after they've used it for their first time, making the journey a bit easier.