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What are the best skin whitening treatments?

  • Who doesn't want to have fairer and more beautiful skin? Skin whitening is one such technique that can make this desire a reality. It will assist you in improving the texture and evenness of your skin tone. The treatment for skin whitening also seeks to brighten the black spots, melasma, darker region, dark patches, etc. But for this treatment, the original colour of your skin will not change. Now, find an experienced dermatologist to get the best skin whitening treatment in Gurgaon that help you get rid of problems like hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.

    Best skin whitening treatments

    A skin whitening procedure decreases melanin levels in the skin, resulting in a fairer skin tone. Various treatments can be used to accomplish this. The following are the best procedures for skin whitening-

    • Chemical peels: Chemical peel is one of the best choices for lightening discoloured skin by efficiently removing tan, dark spots, facial blemishes, and evening out skin tone. In this process, a dermatologist would propose the application of a solution containing alpha-hydroxy acids to exfoliate the damaged skin. It removes the top layer of your skin so that a healthier and smoother layer can regrow.
    • Glutathione treatment: Glutathione is an antioxidant that has been dubbed a "wonder chemical" because of its capacity to brighten any skin tone. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, this is one of the most extensively used skin lightening treatments for darker complexion. Your dermatologist will be able to evaluate whether you require IV Therapy, Glutathione pills, lotion, or injections. 
    • Laser treatment: This therapy works best on skin that looks to have black spots and pigmentation. It uses concentrated light beams to eliminate dark markings and evidence of skin damage. This procedure stimulates new skin cells, which seem lighter than the prior skin tone. 
    • Carbon laser peel: The carbon laser peel is a revolutionary laser resurfacing treatment that uses focused light beams to correct skin flaws. It is also known as "China Doll Peel" The carbon laser peel aims to restore skin balance while generating a healthy, even glow.

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