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Is crown necessary after Root Canal Treatment?

  • Dental crowns are the final stage after the Root Canal Treatment to cover the hole in the treated tooth. For a root canal treatment in Gurgaon, the dentist first makes a small punch on the tooth's surface. The dentist in Gurgaon then extracts all the damaged pulp before cleansing the inner tooth to clear any remaining puss. Finally, the dentist packs the tooth with a filling or any other dental repair like a crown.

    What is Root Canal Treatment?

    Root canal treatment is a dental process where a dentist goes to the tooth's center to reduce infection. The infection caused at the roots of a tooth is called pulpitis. Pulpitis appears when tooth decay is left untreated. It can also occur when a sudden impact hurts a tooth and causes infection in the pulp. A tooth requiring root canal treatment might be causing pain, but the treatment will help end all that pain.

    What is a dental crown?

    After Root Canal Treatment in Gurgaon, the dentist takes digital imprints of your mouth and transfers them electronically to the computer, assuring actual precision. It is a cap made of porcelain to protect the tooth from further damage. It makes your life easier with no compromise in your food habits.

    Do you really need a crown?

    Apart from protecting your tooth from further damage, it improves your aesthetic appearance. Although the root canal treatment in front teeth may not need crowns for other teeth, it is quite important. 

    But in the end, it is a dentist who decides the necessity of the dental crowns, but the back teeth are used for eating, and it may hurt the dental fillings used, so it is better to use a dental crown. 

    Benefits of using Dental Crowns after RCT

    During root canal treatment, a small thread-like instrument is inserted in the tooth's center to extract the diseased or damaged pulp. The remaining area is then washed, shaped, and filled using dental fillings. Though root canals save teeth from decay as they extract the debris from them, they cannot repair teeth in their original form.

    Some of the reasons that you must choose to get the dental crown after RCT are:

    • Improves Oral Health: If the hole is left without a crown, then there are chances that the dental fillings come out and the food again goes inside the tooth, causing the dental problem. 
    • Provides strength: As the tooth cannot restore to its original state, it is better if you provide artificial support with a dental crown.
    • Prevent Infections: As it is made of artificial material, the chance of infections is not possible, and thus you can have a healthier tooth.
    • Protect from sensitivity: A root canal can lead to some nerves becoming sensitive, and thus, with crowns, the chance of sensitivity eliminates because the food cannot reach your tooth.
    • Improves aesthetic appearance: Without the pulp, the tooth looks grey, and hence with a dental crown, the visual appearance looks great.


    There is nothing to worry about if you need a crown. You can contact Irvin Cosmetics and get the dental crowns after the root canal treatment. We provide great quality crowns that are long-lasting, and they will support your treated tooth.