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  • In 1986, French a. prosmio showed the film of L. Lumiere in Madrid. On May 15 of the same year, he filmed a film in Spain called "students go out of St. Louis school in France". In October, e. shimeno filmed Spain's first film, "out of the Church of zaragosapiral after the mass.". In 1897, F. heraberto used his own camera to make, direct and act in moviesjoy watch 4k movies, making the first Spanish feature film "quarrel in the cafe". Later, he made films such as "the gate of Saint Mary's Church in sans" and so on. From 1898 to 1906, he produced 11 films and was recognized as the first Spaniard to contribute to the film industry in his country. Another film pioneer was engineer S. de Jomon, who founded the first film coloring company in Barcelona. His films were imaginative, such as "electric Hotel" (1905), which used stunt photography. A kind of
    The early silent films mainly adapted plays. The Barnes brothers brought the plays don Juan (1910) and sacrifice (1910) to the screen. It was on the eve of the first World War, but Spanish films were divorced from reality and had nothing to reflect. In 1920, J. Bucher's festival in the village of baloma was well received. A kind of
    From 1925 to 1929, Spanish silent films developed rapidly. In 1928, 59 films were produced. The outstanding directors are f. ray, J. Buchares, B. perojo, F. Delgado, etc. Most of the films are adapted from literary works, such as "blind guide" (1926), "home of Troas" (1925), "sister St. subisio" (1927), etc. In addition, genre films, musical films and light opera films are also very popular. In the whole silent film period, agustina of Aragon (1928), directed by F. REI, describes the Spanish people's resistance to the French invaders. The evil Village (1929) reflects the situation that the peasants are forced to go out to make a living. The two films are extraordinary and have achieved great success.