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US Certificate Attestation Tips And Complete Guide

  • Certificate attestation in UAE is mostly done by Dubai Embassy / Consulate. In case of any US certificate attestation, you need to first get in touch with the respective Embassy / Consulate in UAE. We are based in Dubai, UAE. We provide all types of document legalization and attestation services, including US degree attestation, bank document attestation, US degree certificate attestation, US passport legalization, and more.

    If you have not yet taken your American degree back home, let us first make it clear that it’s not a wrong decision. It’s just that you are not aware of the little details that need to be thought of and taken care of before you come back to your home country. It’s not a problem if you leave your college to return to your own country.

    However, your US university degree will not be recognized by the government if you deny taking it back home. The reason is that the government of your country will not recognize the degree unless it is attested by the American authorities. So, after you finish your education in the USA, the very first thing you should do is to take your degree back home.

    US Certificate attestation tips and complete guide

    The Certificate Attestation process is very simple. Once the document has been verified and signed, the order is sent to the relevant US Consulate for verification and signature.

    If you have a US certificate, the first thing to realize is that the quality of the original certificate must be good. If you have a US certificate attestation, you must attach the original certificate with your application. It is best to take the application to a professional, who can ensure that a reliable and trustworthy agency handles your application.

    One can apply for US Certificate attestation in UAE at the Embassy of the United States of America in Abu Dhabi. Certificate attestation can be done for various purposes, such as to make your marriage certificate valid for legal purposes, to secure employment in a particular entity, for big business transactions, for travel to the US, etc.

    If you are having a US certificate and you want to get it Attestation in UAE then you will have to visit Government-authorized UAE Attestation Officers. Here are the steps to get your US certificate attested.

    • Visit the authorized UAE Attestation Officer.
    • Submit your US certificate with documents required for attestation.
    • Get the US certificate stamped by UAE Attestation Officer.
    • Attested US certificate will be delivered to you.

    Certificate Attestation Procedure & Documents Required for Indian Students After completing their high school education, students get enrolled in the universities & colleges of the USA. These students, who are going abroad for higher studies, apply for individual visas for enrolling in various colleges in the United States. The student should also get a certificate of good conduct, from the local police department.

    Procedure of US certificate attested:

    • There are two ways to get your US degree certificate attested from UAE Embassy in Washington DC. First, you can get your US degree certificate attested by mail.
    • The processing time is usually 10-15 working days. Second, you can get your degree certificate attested by online submission.
    • The processing time is usually 5-7 working days.
    • The attestation fees are also different in both methods.
    • This is a very common question and there are several ways that you can do this.
    • Typically, you will apply for an Apostille; this is the most popular method.
    • The process can be somewhat confusing and complicated at times, but if you follow the directions given by the government and your Attestation agency you should not have any problems.

    Purposes of US certificate document UAE:

    The purpose of our certification attestation in Dubai is to verify the authenticity of a document for its use in the United States of America. For example, if a certificate is required for use in the USA then the same should be attested from our end.

    This attestation is used in the United Arab Emirates when a document or certificate is issued in one of the US states and needs to be used in the United Arab Emirates. The main purpose of this attestation is to certify that the document or certificate has been issued by a credible authority and is not a fraudulent copy.

    The U.S. Consulate General in Dubai has issued the following letter of attestation to be submitted to the Department of Community Development of Dubai for obtaining the Dubai license for the establishment of a company registered in the United States of America.

    The attestation of the US certificate in UAE is done for its legal validity and confirmation. The attestation is a process by which the authenticity of the document is verified by the attesting authority.

    The attesting authority confirms that the documents are printed, signed, and issued by the appropriate authority and that the document is genuine and authentic. This attestation is required for many purposes like immigration, education, loans, marriage, and others.

    A certificate of good conduct is a certificate issued by the authorities concerning your conduct and actions. It certifies that no criminal record is found against you concerning the allegations of criminal activity and that your character is above reproach. The certificate is issued against a background check by the law enforcement authorities.

    A good conduct certificate proves that you are a good citizen of the country and you have well behaved yourself in the past. The certificate functions as a character reference and can help you get a visa overseas. It can be used for various purposes such as education, employment, immigration, adoption, etc.