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School certificate attestation in UAE

  • Get Your School Certificate Attested From The Indian Embassy Of Your Country.

    If you want to pursue higher studies in a foreign university/college, and then you will need your school/college certificate attested. This is a must-needed document if you are going to work or apply for a job in the UAE. All educational certificates issued outside of the United Arab Emirates are required to be attested by the Ministry of Education, UAE; this is a must and it has to be done while the applicant is applying for his visa. What the attestation does is that it confirms the authenticity of the certificates. You can either go to the UAE Embassy or Consulate or you can make use of a third party.

    If you are applying for a job in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE, you need to get a school certificate attestation in UAE. It is mandatory for all the degree certificates which are presented by the applicant to be independently verified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    How to Get Your School Certificate Attested from the Indian Embassy of your Country.

    Most countries require an attestation of the educational certificates of the students who have received their education in India. For this, students need to submit their certificates to the Indian Embassies or Consulates in their countries, who will then attest to the same.

    Attestation of documents to be submitted to the Indian Embassy in the country of your origin for obtaining a school, degree/diploma, for example, birth, marriage, and death certificates, certificates issued by the Registrar of Companies, Income Tax, and other Income Department Certificates, etc. can be done from the Attestation Section at the Embassy.

    • The Attestation of your School Leaving Certificate is essential when applying for jobs, further studies, or PG exams.
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    • The Indian Embassy or The Notary Public can help you in attesting your marks sheet or school certificate.
    • In this article we will help you to know the process of attestation for a school certificate at Indian Embassy or Notary Public.

    The complete process of School Certificate Attested from the Indian Embassy of your Country.

    School Certificate Attested from the Indian Embassy of your Country you must follow these steps:

    • First of all, you must take the photocopy of your School Certificate and 2 passport size photograph.
    • You must visit the nearest Indian consulate or embassy near your area.
    • You must submit the application form with all necessary documents as mentioned in the application form.
    • You must pay the fee of attestation.
    • You will receive your attested certificate within 15 working days.
    • Immediately after you receive the attested document you must get the document attested from your country’s embassy in India.
    • Your school certificate must be attested by both the Indian Embassy and your country’s embassy in India.
    • You can send your school certificate to DTE online.