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Official Diploma Certificate Attestation In Dubai, UAE

  • In UAE, it is prohibited to work or get a job without having an attested diploma certificate. For example, an attested diploma certificate for an engineer should be attested by the engineering association in the origin country. It is highly recommended to check the list of attestation countries and the corresponding service charges from the embassy of UAE before getting an attested diploma certificate.

    Attestation is required for all educational documents when you move to another country. This is to ensure that the document is genuine and has not been forged or tampered with by any means. When you are moving to a different country, you need to get your documents attested again from the local embassy of the country to which you are moving.

    The Embassy will again check your documents and decide whether they need any further attestation from their own country. This is done to ensure that the documents have not been tampered with along the way. When you have come to a country to study, you need to get your documents attested by the Embassy of that country. Usually, a document attestation may take anything from a week to two weeks.

    Attesting a document is a process of certifying its genuineness. In UAE, attestation refers to the process of doing so for a document issued in a foreign country. In this case, the Embassy or Consulate of that country would attest to the document. The process involves signing and stamping the document and putting the country’s official seal on it so that it is accepted in the UAE.

    How can I attest my diploma certificate attestation in UAE?

    Attestation is essentially the certification of a certificate. This is done by attaching a signature and stamp of government officials. In the UAE, this process takes place in the UAE Attestation is the signing of the certificate to verify that the certificate is valid.

    • If you are a student who wants to validate your diploma certificate, then you need to get it attested and verified before you can use it to get a job or apply for a government-related job, or to study abroad.
    • When you have a degree certificate that you have earned in a foreign institution, then you will have to first have it attested as well as verified.
    • This is important because it will establish that you have a valid degree and it also secures your future as you can now show it to other institutions if you plan on working abroad.
    • You need to go to the attestation office to get the document attested.
    • You have to fill in your details and the details of the document you need the attestation for.
    • The attestation certificate is issued by the respective UAE University and the student needs to appear in person to get it stamped.

    Purposes of having Diploma certificate attestation in UAE

    • A diploma is a document that is a degree or qualification awarded by a college or university.
    • This document is awarded after the completion of a specific degree or qualification program.
    • In Dubai, UAE, a diploma is a piece of paper that is awarded to the students who have completed the requirements of their courses and have also finished their final exams successfully.
    • The students who have completed their graduation, or have completed the program successfully, are supposed to seek the attestation of their diplomas so that they can be used internationally.
    • As a matter of fact, there are many purposes for having a diploma certificate attestation in UAE.
    • It is the best way to make sure that your diploma is genuine and not fake.
    • This is the best way to make sure that your certificates are submitted to the employers and education institutions in UAE.