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Essentially advertising for free to 2K


    Every year millions of basketball players await the new edition of NBA 2K NBA 2K23 MT. From minor updates to MyTeam mode to a whole brand new narrative for you MyPlayer -- there are endless hours of fun in basketball to be found in every new release.However, nothing sparks debate as much as the days prior to the release date as 2K start to drip-feed us with their most recent player ranking.

    Typically, we'll witness the occasional player classified in the mid-to-high 90's. This is a way to establish their status as elite players in the league, which is why we will see a steady flow of capabilities across each roster.Of course some players aren't content with their 2K rating Some post on Twitter to express their displeasure or surprise. For the most part, it's just good fun.

    The biggest shock came from Grant Williams, who finds himself as one of the least-rated players of Boston's main rotation, in spite of having an impressive breakout year where He proved himself one of the most promising young 3-and-D wings in NBA. Thus, for Williams to be given just a point higher than Payton Pritchard -- one of the guards who struggled to earn an even amount of playing time is definitely the same as a denial.

    Fair enough, but rating players below what their actual skill level can be described as marketing brilliant, especially since players frequently take to social media to voice their displeasures or poke fun at one other, all of which is essentially advertising for free to 2K. And for those who are committed 2K enthusiasts You'll know that these ratings do not stay at the current level for long, since the game constantly changes to reflect players' true skills throughout the season NBA 2K MT For Sale.