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In a recent update for Lost Ark


    Another notable change in the update concerns the use of Powerpasses. When you have the Punika Powerpass Buy Lost Ark Gold, which was recently added and active, you can increase any character on your roster to the level 1302 right away with the pass. There's a brand new protection being introduced in the new version that makes the available gold awarded when you utilize a purchased Powerpass will have a waiting time upon it. Three days must pass before you can use any gold that you've earned. This is similar to other changes that shift gold earned to a bit earlier in the story quest line and other measures that are designed to prevent bots and accounts that are not legitimate for earlier gold.

    Lost Ark Update Gifts a New Jukebox Song, Adds an additional waiting time for Powerpass Gold, and Fixes problems

    Also included in this week's update are a number of improvements to your alarm's setting menu, which should work as intended as well as text updates to provide Steam achievements clearer regarding how to earn them, and the removal of this week's Weekly Rapport Chest from the in-game store because of an issue.Being included in this update will be the legendary Arcanist's Empire Gem.Overall, after last week's major July update This week's update is about tweaks and fixes. To learn more about the latest update, which will be down until 12AM PST, head over to Lost Ark for the full information.

    Lost Ark: How To Get Punika Powerpass

    Lost Ark's new Punika Powerpass allows players to up the character's low-levels to level 50.

    In a recent update for Lost Ark, players saw the addition of a new class, called the Arcanist. The update also contains new raid contentand improvements to upgrading characters, along with many other updates and enhancements to the quality of life. Players also saw the implementation of a new Powerpass to speed up the process of getting their characters' access to the most current content. It operates in a similar way to the ones we've had in the past cheap Lost Ark Gold. However, some players may be uncertain of the best way to access this latest item.