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What factors affect the effectiveness of mechanical seals?

  • The key effect of seal mechanical seal is hermeticity, but there are many factors that will affect the effect of mechanical seal. So what are the factors? The following describes the external factors that affect the mechanical seal effect.


    1. Excessive vibration


    The vibration of mechanical seal is too large, which eventually leads to loss of sealing effect. However, the reason for the high vibration of the mechanical seal is often not the cause of the mechanical seal itself. The other components of the pump are the root cause of the vibration, such as irrational pump shaft design, processing reasons, insufficient bearing accuracy, poor parallelism of the coupling, Large radial force and other reasons. Get more details mechanical seal manufacturer


    1. Insufficient machining accuracy


    Insufficient machining accuracy, there are many reasons, and some are insufficient machining accuracy of the mechanical seal itself. This reason is easy to attract people's attention and easy to find. But sometimes the processing accuracy of other parts of the pump is not enough. In this respect, it is not easy to attract people's attention. For example: pump shafts, shaft sleeves, pump bodies, and sealed cavities have insufficient precision. The existence of these reasons is very detrimental to the sealing effect of the mechanical seal.


    1. There is no auxiliary flushing system or the auxiliary flushing system is not set properly


    The auxiliary flushing system of the mechanical seal is very important. The auxiliary flushing system of the mechanical seal can effectively protect the sealing surface and play a role of cooling, lubricating, and washing away debris. Sometimes the designer does not properly configure the auxiliary flushing system to achieve the sealing effect. Sometimes although the designer designed the auxiliary flushing system, due to impurities in the flushing fluid, the flow rate and pressure of the flushing fluid are insufficient, and the location of the flushing port is not reasonable. Also, the sealing effect cannot be achieved.


    1. The axial displacement of the pump shaft is large


    The sealing surface of the mechanical seal must have a certain specific pressure in order to play a sealing role. This requires that the spring of the mechanical seal must have a certain amount of compression, give the mechanical seal end face a thrust, and rotate to make the sealing surface produce the seal Than pressure. In order to ensure this specific pressure, the mechanical seal requires the pump shaft not to have too much displacement. The mechanical seal cannot bear the axial force during use. If there is an axial force, the impact on the mechanical seal is severe. Sometimes the axial force of the pump is not balanced due to the irrational design of the pump's axial force balance mechanism and the reasons of manufacture, installation and use. The mechanical seal bears an axial force. The temperature of the seal gland will be too high during operation. For polypropylene-based media, it will be melted at high temperatures, so the sealing effect will be lost soon after the pump starts. Intermittent leaks.