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Save ocean to save future

  • Water is essential for the survival of every living organism on the earth. Almost 70% of the portion of the earth is covered by oceans which means only 30% is dry land. It is a big source of sustainability for humans and other species of the earth. Ocean generates 50% of the oxygen of the earth and biggest source of protein for billions of people around the world.


    High ratio of people associated with the profession of fisheries and helping countries to strengthen their economies. In the coming years, it is estimated that 40 million people will get employment in ocean-based industries. Those countries which have the sea in their territory are blessed because they are independent to get benefits from the ocean directly.


    Even with so many benefits, the ocean needs our care and support. It was observed that during the last 50 years people show careless behavior toward the sea and parting their role to make the sea dirty. Our bad draining system, polluted oil with a lot of chemicals from chimneys eventually ends its destination when it gets mixed with the water of the ocean. And it not only kills and destroys the growth of thousands of species of the sea but also takes the toxicity along with them back to humans.


    Now is the time for collective efforts to revitalize the restore the old condition of the ocean. Stop the way of toxic industrial chemicals and depletes them somewhere far away from the sea. And the people who visit the beaches must remember not to dirty the sea and throw garbage at it. And the governments must raise the awareness and take strict action against the destroyers of the earth’s most essential gift of Nature.


                                                         “No water, No life. No blue, No green