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Blood Donors are Hero in Real Life

  • It’s human nature that most people feel scared of bleeding might they have hemophobia, but some are those who have control and overcome this fear. They are volunteers and stand in front every time in case of any blood requirement to save human lives. To see the transfusion process of blood in front of the eyes is not an easy task anyway.

    The health sector is dependent upon the associations which collect samples of blood from different institutions including colleges, universities, and offices. If blood didn’t arrange on time in case of an emergency then the probability of losing an important life increases. Same as these associations are dependent on blood donors’ willingness to donate blood without any payback payment or reward.

    The transfusion process of blood is a healthy activity for a person who is physically and mentally strong and has the required PH level of blood in the body. But a person who is already ill physically or mentally should avoid donating blood for the welfare of humanity. Because it was seen and reported many times that a person died due to a mismatch of blood even after proper testing.

    All those volunteers who are donating their blood to serve and save humanity must be appreciated at every level. And for this WHO dedicated the 14th of June of every year to paying tribute to all blood donors across the globe. The theme for this year is “Blood donating is an act of solidarity, Join the efforts and save lives”. Remit choice is standing along with the initiative of WHO and paying tribute to all blood donors worldwide.