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What is the First transaction process with Remit Choice?

  • Welcome to the Remit choice money transfer platform which is the fastest way to send money internationally. We are keeping our promise of facilitating and helping our customers from the start to the end of the transaction. And for a better understanding of the process for our new customers, we initiate a step to guide and help them in making their first transaction.

    • Starting from login into your account
    • A dashboard will appear on your screen
    • Right in the middle a calculator is available
    • Enter sending amount
    • Enter the name of receiving country/ beneficiary country
    • Then choose the desired service for the collection of money for the receiver (Cash pickup, wallet transfer, or bank deposit)
    • Select the payout partner that suits best to your receiver from the list
    • Review the live exchange rates and your sending amount
    • After that click on proceed button
    • A notification will pop up on your screen mentioning “complete your profile”

    We want to know more about you (Fill out the form and move forward further to make your first transaction)

    • First name and Last name (to review or modify in case of any incorrect spelling)
    • Review and verify email and phone number
    • Enter your date of birth according to your national ID
    • Enter the name of your homeland
    • Enter the postal code of the resident country and click on the find button. We will auto fetch your location by the system. (if location hasn’t found then enter your address manually like enter house no, street address, and city)
    • Enter your occupation (e.g. Plumber, Businessman)
    • Choose your nationality
    • Choose the country where you want to send money
    • Select your gender
    • Click on update profile

    Prove your identity through our electronic verification system so that your money and information are kept secure. We required documents including the passport, resident ID, and Driving license.

    • Choose the document type by which you want to verify your identity
    • Click the camera button to scan the document
    • Take front and back pictures of the document in case of resident ID
    • Take your selfie
    • Click verify button

    Our system will verify and make sure that your information is right and you are allowed to send money with Remit choice at first.

    • Add your beneficiary details to whom you want to send money
    • After entering your receiver confirm the details
    • Select purpose of sending money (e.g. family support, education)
    • Choose the source of funds (e.g. property sale, salary)
    • Select the payment method (Debit card, credit card, bank transfer, or online payment)
    • Mark \u2714️ the Check box after reading the terms and conditions
    • After that click on confirm and proceed
    • Enter the payment method details that you select earlier (Debit card, credit card or bank account, or online payment)
    • And finally click to pay

    Soon after sending your beneficiary will funds at an instant in bank account and wallet or can collect amount from various cash pickup locations.