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Worst Flood in Pakistan history

  • The geographic presence of Pakistan is in a dangerous area of the earth. Various reports show that Pakistan might face many disasters due to climate change in the near future. And now Pakistan is currently facing the historic flood of its history. Heavy monsoon rains become the cause of the worst flooding which affects over 33 million people in a few weeks.

    Over 900 deaths are reported and this flood makes a large number of people homeless since June. The areas of Southern Punjab, KPK, Sindh, and Baluchistan are affected badly. The weather forecasting agency of the country issues alerts of the coming day’s rains, and reports to federal and provincial governments for taking immediate actions to cope with the coming difficult time.

    The country also faces a flood in 2010 which effects 78 districts of the country, but this year flood effects over 150 districts and is rated as the worst flood in the history of Pakistan. Shortage of food, deterioration of homes, and continuous rains in the affected areas increase the damage both to human lives and wealth. Over 2 Lac people move to safe areas and stay in the shelter homes provided by the governments.

    Various countries are helping Pakistan’s government and people. It is the time when every international country should come forward to help Pakistan’s people in a challenging situation. It is the situation when suffering humanity must be addressed with all resources and stop further damage.

    Remit choice is with the Pakistani people during this worst situation and will stand firmly with them until the disaster ends and lives come back to normal. Because for us humans are everything and when they need us in any part of the world, they will find alongside. Everyone whether in the country or outside must help the Pakistani nation during this worst time because humanity is suffering badly.