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5 Unique Souvenirs Suitable for Weddings

  • 5 Unique Souvenirs Suitable for Weddings

    Will you get married in the next few months and are at a loss to find unique souvenirs to share with the invited guests? Surely it feels lazy if you give mainstream souvenirs to the guests?

    Maybe you and your partner are the kind of people who like to give anti-mainstream souvenirs and if they are useful for your guests. Finding different wedding souvenir ideas than usual is not so difficult, here are 5 examples of cute and unique souvenirs to consider.

    5 Unique Souvenirs

    A wedding souvenir is a gift given to the guests who attend your reception and your partner. However, giving souvenirs also cannot be perfunctory and not useful.
    If your wedding is just waiting for the month, it's good if you and your partner start to rethink what souvenirs to give to guests. You definitely don't want to waste thousands of souvenirs on something that won't even benefit and just be a showcase.

    Make sure your gift is not common and useful, and don't give away wedding souvenirs for the sake of following tradition. If you really want to say "thank you" for the presence of invited guests at your wedding, be sure to give them a unique, practical and likable item,

    1. Masks

    Masks are a very normal item to use during this pandemic, so why not make a cute mask to give to guests? Try giving your guests masks that can be reused as wedding souvenirs such as cloth masks.

    Masks will not only be an item that guests can use after the wedding, but also keep everyone safe from the virus.

    2. Succulents Pot

    Mini succulents are a cute wedding souvenir idea if you don't want to hand out objects that are just a display.

    You can give a succulent with a mini pot that says the name of you and your partner. Yes, add a giftcard as a sign that the succulent is a gift from your wedding.

    3. Tumbler

    Anyone must be familiar with tumblers. This drink bottle is very unique and good to be used as a wedding souvenir gift.

    Tumbler is a practical form of wedding souvenir and will definitely be very useful. You can add your name on the tumbler or you can also give a giftcard as a marker.

    4. Handsanitizer

    Maybe hand sanitizer seems like a simple gift but this one item is very useful to have during a pandemic. However, ordinary hand sanitizers from supermarkets are not suitable for wedding souvenirs.

    Why? Because your guests can easily buy them themselves. So, make sure you give a more special hand sanitizer by choosing local brand products with a refreshing citrus aroma and packaging to be more attractive.

    5. Miniatures

    Want a unique buat souvenir idea for a wedding gift? Just try to give a miniature mini made of metal. Rarely is there a souvenir idea that gives a miniature miniature of metalwork.

    You can form a miniature according to your and your partner's wishes. Although the price is quite expensive, this metal craft is a good choice to use as a reference because it looks more elegant.

    Giving away wedding souvenirs is a great way to thank your guests. Although actually giving wedding souvenirs is not mandatory.
    However, because giving souvenirs is a tradition and guests usually hope to receive gifts from their spouses, don't forget to set aside a little budget on wedding souvenirs.

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