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  • The Resolution R92-39 had a stipulation that the K Lot shall be used in perpetuity for parking for North bay Landing which is today the Grand view palace. This covenant can only be released by a resolution of the city commission of North bay Village.


    In 02-16-2005, The Edwards incorporated the K Lot under the name “Atkinson trust, LLC” and started charging parking fees to the association. Over $200,000 a year.


    Was the commission of the city of North bay village aware of this?


    Is this not a major breach of the covenant?



    NBV100 Code does not apply to GVP. Only to the north Parking and commercial side of GVP:


    The city of North bay village established a new Code 15 NBV100 Form-Based for future properties on the north and south of 79 street.


    On page 64 of the plan, it shows the area T6 24 and T6 30 as what the new code covers. You can see that the GVP is not in the plan, only the North Parking and the commercial side of the GVP.

    I do not think they can apply the new code like they want to change the parking needs of GVP.


    I think they should apply the new code to the marina. The marina is within the dotted lines if I am not mistaken.