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World of Warcraft hits theaters on June 10.

  • ILM director of visual effects Jeff White said that while the motion capture of body movements was "pretty traditional buy WoTLK Gold," the facial capture is where he feels that the company "broke the ground."

    "The first shot that we delivered was a close-up on Durotan. Very subtle, yet there were key moments to give the character live," White explained. "It was really our way for us to show the filmmakers that, 'Yes, we can pull these orcs off,' and when they first saw it they were stunned."

    "You can see the eyes of his subject reacting, the smallest of movements. They felt alive, and it was just an amazing sensory experience" explained visual effects manager Bill Westenhofer.

    In addition to capturing the orcs' facial movements ILM's team ILM also designed a program which was primarily focused on grooming CG hair, and named it "Haircraft."

    World of Warcraft hits theaters on June 10. and features Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Toby Kebbell, and Robert Kazinsky. Duncan Jones, who has been the director of films such as Moon and Source Code, directed the movie.

    There have also the release of four character videos for during the production of the World of Warcraft movie. They've showcased orc chief Durotan Human warrior Lothar Half-orc assassin Garona and the human wizard Khadgar. You can see them for yourself by clicking the links below buy WoW WoTLK Classic Gold.

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