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Learning Data Science Is Hard! — Myth or Reality?

  • Data science is a developing field. It is still more of an overarching shape and needs a solid development base. In data science, several things could be improved. Despite the enormous growth in data, there is a need for more qualified data scientists who know how to handle it. This is due to the enormous talent gap resulting from the significant challenges that the area of data science faces.


    Why is Data Science Hard?


    Nowadays, almost everyone aspires to be a data scientist without realizing how challenging learning and using data science will be. Some of the difficulties in data science include the following:



    • Difficult Problems



    Data scientists must take on challenging issues. These issues are concentrated on creating models that address some of the most challenging business issues. This calls for a solid mathematical aptitude and a sharp sense of problem-solving. Finding patterns in the data and drawing conclusions from the data requires the skills of a data scientist. A data scientist needs to have experience with complex challenges. It needs persistent individuals to work through the most challenging issues.


    Data science is a challenging discipline, particularly for people with no prior knowledge. Finding skilled employees is one of the most complex difficulties many firms confront because data science is a relatively new industry. Additionally, there are many issues in the vast ocean of data science. This makes data science an even more challenging task for many industries. Therefore, for businesses to create data science solutions, they must fully comprehend the issues at hand and find analytical answers.



    • Technical Knowledge



    Data science has origins in many fields of study. Some critical disciplines that makeup data science are arithmetic, statistics, and programming. A data scientist needs to be proficient in several of these disciplines' constituent parts.


    Although gaining knowledge and experience in a single topic is generally more straightforward, mastering all three disciplines can be challenging. A person cannot become an expert in a particular topic overnight; it takes years. Check out the popular data scientist course in Pune, offering domani-specialized training for aspiring professionals.


    For instance, a coder spends years perfecting his field to become proficient. He will have to put in almost the same effort to master statistics as he will become a skilled master in data science. This is one of the fundamental reasons why most highly skilled data scientists have PhDs in quantitative disciplines like finance, the natural sciences, and statistics. Nowadays, learning programming is a necessary auxiliary ability for all professionals.


    For instance, to build statistical models and produce results, a Ph.D. candidate in biostatistics must be proficient in a programming language like R. As a result, it is determined that you must first master the disciplines that form the foundation of data science to master it.



    • Large-Scale Data



    A data scientist's life depends on data. However, a lot of data is available in the world now. This data is growing exponentially, and the data scientist frequently has to deal with it. It takes a data scientist to evaluate the given big data and produce insights to extract relevant information from the data. However, many data science specialists find managing such large amounts of data difficult.


    Additionally, the provided data isn't always ordered, meaning it's not always set out in rows and columns. Data scientists now face an additional challenge as a result. A data scientist must be knowledgeable with big data tools like Hadoop and Spark to handle such massive data. This shares the knowledge of a data scientist whose primary responsibility is data analysis. Being skilled in various roles becomes difficult for the data scientist.



    • Domain expertise



    Only completing projects, attending boot camps, and learning from numerous online resources won't make someone an expert data scientist. These skills are essential for developing the fundamentals, but domain expertise is what makes data science possible. Experience is where the domain knowledge originates from. It could be challenging for an engineering or IT worker to move into a data science position that works with predicting client sales.


    This is because domain knowledge is necessary for data science to find meaningful variables, create models relevant to business challenges, and fine-tune models to remove bias that can only be detected through a thorough understanding of the domain knowledge. 


    Data science is used in many different businesses. Health, finance, banking, pharmaceuticals, sales, and manufacturing are just a few industries that use data science. Additionally, data scientists require data to carefully analyze and assert claims to create better products for their clients. These clients may serve as the last consumers for several commercial sectors. Therefore, to get better outcomes, a data scientist must thoroughly understand the customer's industry.



    • Acquiring All Knowledge at Once



    The vast body of information in the field of data science can frequently be overwhelming for businesses just starting out. Before entering the subject of data science, many people who are interested in it would like to acquire a firm understanding of fundamental mathematical ideas. This strategy, however, needs to be corrected.


    Data science is a helpful discipline. It necessitates the application of numerous underlying concepts in practice. The concepts utilized in data science are also easily forgotten. If you merely understand the theory and do not put it into practice, you will quickly forget it. As a result, data science is practice-intensive and needs the appropriate strategy to handle its issues.



    Ultimately, data science is a very challenging field with a high learning curve. This is one of the critical causes of the lack of qualified data scientists. However, with Learnbay’s data science course in Pune, becoming a data scientist is easy. Enroll today, learn the skills, and gain hands-on experience to land your dream job in MAANG firms.