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  • Who are we:

    Advance Appliance is rocking the appliance repair industry. Our Mission is to provide the best appliance repair service experience in the industry. Our Vision is to turn an upsetting situation into a positive experience, one appliance at a time.

    Why is a Professional Necessary for Your Appliance Repair?

    When your household appliance breaks down, you might think to repair your appliances. The repair couldn't be that difficult, but the process often overwhelms technicians. You may not want to call a repair technician, but the benefits outweigh the drawbacks on several levels. Save time and money by consulting with a professional technician about your malfunctioning appliance. There might be problems that you may not realize are present. Installation and appliance repair services like oven repair, microwave repair, stove repair, dryer repair, and dishwasher installation edmonton all are available at ADVANCE APPLIANCE.


    Specialized Tools Availability

    Modern appliances often have specialized tools for adjustments and other repair processes. You won't find these tools at any home improvement center, however. Unique tooling is usually designed by the manufacturer's workers. These tools may only be sold to repair technicians trained on those particular appliances.

    As a result, the final customer doesn't have access to these tools because of their lack of training. Hiring a qualified appliance repair technician means that the right tools are applied to the specific appliance. Using improper tools will only further damage the appliance.

    What do you do when a home appliance in your house gets broken?


    Replace it or repair it? Well, the choice, besides being personal, also needs to be right and well-informed. Since such is the case, we will try to help you find a definite answer to the debate on appliance repair vs. replacement.

    We understand deciding whether to fix a malfunctioning appliance or spring for a new one might feel like a costly guess, especially when you cannot estimate the correct difference between both. So, we have done the legwork for you by compiling an easy guide on whether you should repair or replace a home appliance.

    As per usual, we will begin by giving you some advantages of repairing services and replacing a home appliance individually. Afterward, we will discuss some indicators in the form of questions that will help you make a well-informed decision.


    Both repairing and replacing a broken appliance have their set of advantages -- the problem is figuring out which suits your position for your appliance.

    Take a look at these basic factors:

    *          Cost Comparison

    *          Current Value

    *          Life of an Appliance

    *          Personal Association

    *          Struggles with Repairing


    ·        Ease

    Repairing your appliances should not stress you. After all, the offending machine likely already has you on edge. So, why make it worse?

    With Advance Appliance Repair, simply reach out to us, and we'll take it from there. You can choose to sit back and watch us do our stuff. Or go about the rest of your daily activities.

    We'll get the job done without stressing you!

    ·        Cost-effectiveness

    While we're committed to providing our customers with high-quality services, we also ensure they don't cost you an arm and a leg. This way, you can enjoy the difference between repair and replacement costs.


    Do you want services in Calgary, Edmonton whereas it is appliance repair edmontoncalgary appliance repairAdvance Appliance Repair has a team of some of the most talented repair technicians who would love to help you.


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