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Good effect of exercise can be missed sometimes

  • Exercising can keep the body healthy and fit, especially if it is done regularly. You can do light exercise, such as walking or jogging, to heavy exercise, such as lifting weights and others. Even so, sometimes exercising instead of feeling fresher but causing back pain.

    A person can feel back pain from doing sports without warming up. In fact, warming up is very important in order to make the body avoid the risk of cramps and injury. Therefore, you must know the relationship between exercise that is done without warming up and the risk of back pain. Here's the review!

    Warming up is very important to do in an effort to prevent the recurrence of back pain, even other new injuries. Muscles that don't warm up during exercise tend to become stiff and inflexible, making them prone to tearing when suddenly strenuous work is done. Therefore, make sure you always warm up to prevent back pain.

    In addition, warming up during exercise can also prepare the body's cardiovascular system for physical activity by increasing blood flow to the muscles and body temperature. When the muscles of the body are sufficiently ready to take on the load, the risk of experiencing muscle soreness and injury can decrease dramatically.

    Here are some of the benefits of warming up before exercise:

    One of the benefits of warming up that can be felt before exercise is an increase in blood flow in the body. Warm up for 10 minutes with light movements so that blood flows to the skeletal muscles and opens blood capillaries. Blood carries the oxygen that muscles need to function properly. Therefore, when the body's blood flow remains smooth, muscle function when exercising is maximized.

    Another benefit of heating the body is an increase in the efficiency of oxygen use. When heating is done, oxygen is released from the blood more easily. Muscles will need a higher amount of oxygen during exercise. Therefore, it is important to make oxygen always ready to use through heating so that back pain does not occur.

    Warming up can also help prevent injury by relaxing joints and increasing blood flow to muscles. This can make the muscles less prone to tearing or injury in a dangerous way during exercise. Stretching can also help your body prepare your muscles for physical activity.

    Warming up can also provide other benefits to the brain, which can increase focus on the body and other physical activities while undergoing the process. This focus on the body can be carried over to training sessions that have a good impact on improving technique, coordination, and skills.

    Warming up with physical activity can increase body temperature, resulting in better nerve transmission and body metabolism. This can make the muscles do their job more quickly and efficiently.

    That's the discussion about exercise without warming up that can increase the risk for experiencing back pain. Therefore, it is always a good idea to warm up before exercising. Especially if the exercise is heavy and intense found with healthyguidesblog, so the body needs preparation.