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Lease IPv4 to solve IPv4 exhaustion

  • Some people choose to lease IPv4 to overcome the shortage of IPv4 addresses. This is because leasing IPv4 give them the benefits below:
    1. Save cost
    IP leasing solutions are effective because they lower cost and it is calculated monthly. Compare the buyung IPv4 which needs to pay a large amount of money, leasing IPv4 will be a better option for those with a limited budget.
    2. Can get IP to address faster
    Most of the IPv4 lease provider is providing the on-demand IP addresses and are able to use them right away. Buying IPv4 normally will take at least a month to get done. Therefore, for those who need IP addresses urgently, leasing IPv4 is becoming the primary option.


    Please make sure to confirm the pricing and the availability of IPv4 address because start leasing to avoid any inconvenience.