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RuneScape - The first step is heading to the Lava Maze

  • For the best results in your farming, be sure that OSRS gold you mine rock at Varrock because it is close to banks. Smelting can be performed in Edgeville as well as Crafting takes place at Al-Kharid. To be able to compete in the Ultimate Ironman, risk will not be worth it so you can sell everything to the general retailer instead.

    Tiaras can also be created with a tiny revenue, however, in general they're more suitable for experience as opposed to coins. If you're at a good enough level in your Mining skills then you can apply this technique to the highest profit by mining gold ore and making Gold Necklaces as well as Gold Amulets. They will give you the best profit but with less experience per hour.

    The first step is heading to the Lava Maze, located north-west in the Wilderness. This technique involves collecting Staff of Earth and Steel Platebodies from the ground and then switching to another world in order to recreate them. If you're over 55 Magic, you can include some fire runes as well as Nature runes.

    This will let you make use of the High Alchemy spell on staves as well as armor to decompose items into the gold. With that you won't have to run to the store to sell your items after your inventory is exhausted. Make sure to remember that this technique involves running off to wildy and as it's an area of pvp, you could be caught by other players. So, bring only the items you need.

    While we've marked this approach as risky and you're not likely to be injured by other players undertaking this type of task. The most dangerous thing that could make you sick is the scorching desert heat, paired with obstacles that could damage you. This is an agility course however, as with every other agility course with cheap RuneScape gold obstacles, failing can cost you hitpoints.