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Eric Kuvykin: Scammer - Ripoff Report #1513865 | New York Compl

  • With Covid-19, millions around the world fearful for their jobs turned to alternate ways of earning as a backup source of income. One of the most popular side hustle choices turned out to be trading and investing. Since everyone didn't have money to just throw around, most of them hired brokers for a better chance at making some profits. That very fact turned out to be a huge benefit for some swindlers who posed as professional, proficient brokers to cash that opportunity. In case you want an introduction, Eric Kuvykin, President Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp is exactly one such broker.

    Kuvykin is the kind of broker you are warned about by other traders who have lost their money to scams like him. However, the tragedy is that most traders new to trading and stocks barely realise his true colors due to the whole fancy broker-dealer firm founder and president facade. He fools clueless first time traders into believing that him and his broker-dealer firm Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp are the perfect shortcut to success. Eric Kuvykin takes advantage of their oblivion and uses them to purchase securities he has invested in himself, in order to create an illusion of demand in the market and inflate prices.

    When the prices are artificially inflated, he goes on to sell all of his stocks for maximum profit, which resultantly brings prices down to an extreme low, causing massive losses to traders, obviously including his clients. Unlike honest, sincere brokers and firms that take all possible measures to make sure their clients don't face any losses, Eric Kuvykin does the exact opposite. He goes to all lengths to make sure the client loses whatever he can just so his personal gain can be as massive as possible.

    If you're thinking that this is mere slander and rumors spread by haters, look up his name on the internet with the keywords United States District Court, New York, and count the many entries that pop up for your satisfaction. Eric Kuvykin has been summoned by United States District Court, E.D. and Bankruptcy Court Southern District Court of New York multiple times and has been sued by different plaintiffs as well. He has an indictment streak dating back to the 2000s, and has multiple charges including conspiracy to attempt and commit money laundering, securities, mail and wire fraud and fraudulent manipulation of the price of securities among others.

    Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp is no different from its President Eric Kuvykin, it is a front for all sorts of fraudulent activities and scams. Till date, FINRA has expelled 3 out of five of Kuvykin's broker dealer firms. It is somewhat fascinating how he manages to resurface every single time with a new firm and a new identity as the President, CEO, Board member- whatever helps him pose as a successful broker so he can scam people. This time, his front is Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp and as much as it looks like a normal broker-dealer firm that is competent in handling its clients' securities, it is not.

    If you or someone you know is ever considering Eric Kuvykin or Accelerated Technologies Holding Corp to trust with their securities, do not make that mistake. Make sure to steer clear of this swindler and warn others about him too.