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Ryan Eagle: American Businessman, Investor, Philanthropist

  • Ryan Eagle (born 14 August 1987) is an American businessman, investor, and philanthropist. Born in Highland Park and raised in Chicago, he graduated from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale for Pre-medical and Business Management. He is currently the President at Sidago Integrated Solutions and Principal Investor at XCell Fund. He invests in various private and public companies in different sectors like advertising technologies, application development, finance and privacy companies. He has formed these business alliances through XCell Fund which is an investment company growing at a rapid pace. Sidago Integrated Solutions was founded by him in 2014 and is a business process outsourcing firm with the purpose to provide consolidated and organized services with major focus on outsourcing and workflow improvement.


    Ryan Eagle was born in Highland Park, Illinois and spend his early childhood in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. In elementary school, he moved to Spring, Texas and lived there for several years. He soon after moved back to Illinois where he finished early education. Ryan Eagle was fascinated with business from a very young age and when he was in second grade he wanted to own a company and named it “EagleCOM”. He had started making websites at the age of 13 and his first was a video game forum community.


    At the age of 16, Ryan Eagle quit his part time job to work on his budding internet businesses. He hit massive success 2004 and generated his first profit through leveraging SEO to rank sites. At that time his major source of revenue was Google AdSense and then Yahoo! Publisher Network where he was a top publisher with them. After he started earning a huge fortune through the internet he immediately began branching out into new sectors.

    In 2005, he discovered affiliate marketing and by 2007 he focused all efforts into media and entered the market with huge budgets from his previous income. By 2009, he launched EWA Private Network and it immediately gained immense popularity gaining the position as the most popular affiliate program at the time. The parent company, Eagle Web Assets, launched its second public advertising company BLAM Ads in 2010. The company had over 125 employees spanning across several companies with several international branches. In 2013, Eagle Web Assets was forced to close its doors.

    After closing Eagle Web Assets, Ryan Eagle started Sidago Integrated Solutions as a challenge to expand out of the advertising industry. The major goals of the company are:

    • Industry education and awareness of the benefits of outsourcing.
    • Seamless integration of affordable outsourced business processes.
    • Strict internal standards to maintain quality standards.

    In the words of Ryan Eagle, “Sidago provides entirely managed outsourcing solutions that leverage offshore workforces. Sidago provides a wide array of consolidated services ranging from application development to internet advertising, to telemarketing under one roof”.

    Shortly after establishing Sidago, Ryan Eagle focused on developing his investments into a brand that could focus on acquiring new properties that could be both financially funded and integrated into Sidago Integrated Solutions infrastructure. XCell Fund is a private equity fund acts as a holding company and an investment arm. XCell Fund invests capital into businesses while Sidago provides vital services to those companies.


    Ryan Eagle currently resides outside of Chicago, Illinois and is a father of one. He has a steadfast attitude towards life and is a firm believer of never giving up and rising past failure.

    Even though Ryan Eagle has had material success in life, he has battled many hardships. Ryan is a recovering addict that spends a great deal of time helping others by sharing his story, strength and hope that others can recover.


    His role model in life is Bill Gates because he was able to accumulate so much wealth that he now is able to spend his life giving away and helping others. One of Ryan’s greatest joys in life is charity and helping others. Some of the non-profit he works with are:

    • The Kyle Eagle Foundation
    • EWA Kids!
    • MDA: Jerrys Kids
    • Big Brothers Big Sisters
    • The Salvation Army