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Raised Toilet Seat Factory Introduces The Knowledge Of Toilet D

  • Raised Toilet Seat Factory introduces the precautions for bathroom decoration:

    1. The ground should be waterproof and non-slip
      The bathroom is a relatively wet place, so the waterproof and anti-slip work of the ground must be done well, so when decorating, it is necessary to choose the floor tiles with raised patterns. It can be said that this kind of waterproof performance is relatively good. Speaking of comparison, it is not easy to slide.
    2. The top should be moisture-proof
      The bathroom is also a relatively humid place, especially when taking a bath at night, there will be a lot of steam. If you want to make the bathroom more practical, you can use PVC gussets with better water resistance for the ceiling.
    3. Ventilation is the most critical
      The bathroom is easy to accumulate moisture, and attention should also be paid to ventilation during decoration. It is recommended to choose a bathroom with windows. If it is a hidden bathroom, it is best to consider installing a powerful exhaust fan with better performance to prevent hygienic mold.
    4. The switch must have a safety protection device
      When decorating the bathroom, special attention should be paid to the installation of electric lights and most wires. The switch should be installed on a protective device. The socket is best to choose the one with a waterproof cover. If you want to use a hair dryer in the bathroom, you cannot install the socket.
    5. The door leaf should be carefully selected
      You should also pay attention to the selection of bathroom door leaves. It is best to choose waterproof and fireproof materials. Wooden doors cannot be used to prevent it from being deformed due to moisture.

    Through the above introduction, Mobility Standing Aid Rail Factory hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.