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How to defeat dipresia on your own?

  • Depression is a very common mental disorder today, the causes and symptoms of which are well understood and described. There are also effective methods of treating it. Severe types of this disease - suicidal depression (an obsession with committing suicide) and bipolar (severe mood swings, obsessive thoughts, high self-esteem, etc.) must necessarily be dealt with by specialists in the field of psychiatry.

    For other types of it, there are complementary professional help, and sometimes replacing it, ways that give an answer on how to get out of depression on your own. These are such depressions:

    • seasonal;
    • adynamic (weakness, reduced performance, fatigue);
    • anxious (feeling anxious);
    • hormonal, one of the subspecies of which is postpartum;
    • tearful (constant desire to cry);
    • anesthetic (loss of emotion);
    • dysphoric (groundless irritability, bouts of anger and anger);
    • ironic (difficult to define, as it is characterized by fun and excessive talkativeness, teasing others) and others.

    There are a number of steps that can be taken to overcome depression, given the above. Their effectiveness has been proven by people suffering from different types of this disorder, from their own experience.

    1. Proper nutrition is very important - a healthy diet allows you to feel good physically and be in a good mood. It does not include everything that is called fast food: big macs, grilled chicken, french fries. hot dogs, etc. These instant products are capable of poisoning the body, introducing many toxic substances into it. Meat can also be classified as a danger in this sense. Fatty varieties of sea fish, nuts, hard cheese, fruits (especially bright ones), vegetables, seaweed are much more useful. Chocolate is a good option, but you need to be careful with it, since an excess of sweets negatively affects the figure, and extra pounds can, in turn, again provoke depression.

    2. Another great way to get out of depression is to normalize sleep. You should not use any improvised "assistants" in order to quickly fall asleep and fully sleep until the morning, without waking up from every rustle (meaning sleeping pills or alcohol, although folk remedies in the form of decoctions are quite suitable). You can proceed in this way:

    • make it a habit to go to bed strictly at a certain time, and not when you want or how it will turn out;
    • The most natural sleep pattern for humans is to fall asleep before midnight, or even better, at 10 pm, and get up early. In this case, sleep has medicinal restorative properties;
    • before going to bed, it is inappropriate to watch the news, films with a negative connotation such as thrillers and horror, as well as read something like that - this can provoke nightmares;
    • dinner should be early and not heavy;
    • the bedroom needs to be ventilated, you can take a warm bath, drink a glass of warm milk with honey, ask a family member for a massage.

    3. Exercise is a great way out of depression. We live in an era of physical inactivity, move little, lose little energy. But not so long ago, our grandfathers and grandmothers, not to mention their distant ancestors, did not have such a problem as depression, although their life was not easy. They worked more physically, moved on foot, they didn’t have so many smart appliances to make household chores easier. So we need to set aside some time a day for physical activity, be it leisurely walks, jogging, working in the front garden or on personal plot, fitness or exercise equipment, walking. More often you need to be in the fresh air - it improves metabolism and enriches the body with oxygen.

    4. Positive thinking is very important for getting out of depression. Color the depressive grayness with bright colors, think about the good, do good to people. Smile, look for the best in others. If someone nearby is a solid negative and nothing can be done about it, just reduce communication with him to a minimum.

    5. Do what you like. Favorite business, hobby, will charge you with positive energy, allow you to rest faster and better after a hard day at work, distract you from worries and bad thoughts.

    6. To get out of depression, you need to pamper yourself, give positive emotions. For women, shopping is a depressant. And all the same, what kind of purchases it will be, small or large, but they will still please. By the way, shopping is good for men too, but they will not like jewelry, outfits or shoes, but something related to their hobby: fishing tackle, hunting rifle, tools.

    Variety also gives positive emotions. It can be a trip, going to a restaurant, cinema or theater, dolphinarium. Lead a healthy lifestyle, get rid of bad habits and complexes, treat emerging somatic diseases in time, do not delve into yourself and do not whine, avoid stressful situations. You can get a pet - your favorite animals have a positive therapeutic effect on people.

    And now about the main thing: in order to get out of depression on your own, you need to appreciate every moment of your life. It is given once and must be enjoyed so that nothing passes by. You should not dwell on failures, consider any problem to be global. Throw everything out of your head, love and appreciate your loved ones, communicate, enjoy every minute.