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Enhancing the estate agency with a cloud phone system

  • Communication with buyers and sellers may be crucial for estate agents and renting businesses. Calls that are missed and ineffective telecommunications systems may make or break a business. The VOIP Guru is the best business VoIP provider which satisfies all objectives of customers.


    Call-Sensitive Routing


    It might be uncommon for an estate agent to spend the entire day in one place, whether they are working at a desk or rushing about to show potential purchasers a house.

    Whether an agent is at the office or on the go, calls are routed intelligently to the appropriate agent at the appropriate time.


    These call routing capabilities take into account availability, day of the week, and time of day, among other things, to provide the callers with the best experience possible wherever and whenever called. Cross-device capabilities allow the company the extra flexibility to answer calls through cell phones, as well as computers and desk phones in the office, when agents are out and about doing valuations or viewings.





    Maintain Branch Connectivity


    A cloud-hosted phone system can make it much simpler to integrate the local and regional offices. The teams won't ever feel cut off from one another due to features like sharing phone books and extensions and transferring internal calls between branches.

    Keeping in touch with the teams will be more affordable via the Cloud, with free calls between extensions.


    Reduce the cost of communication


    A corporate Cloud phone system will also result in simpler cross-extension calling and lower total call expenses due to outgoing call minutes and VoIP business phone line that are either limitless or included in plans.


    The ability to make calls on laptops, desktop computers, or cell phones can significantly reduce the cost of VoIP phones in terms of extra hardware.





    Call Reports and Analytics Can Help Stay One Step Ahead


    Get complete access to call durations, call records, and call recordings. These real-time statistics may completely alter how performance and customer service are identified.


    If one wants to foster some healthy rivalry amongst the teams, keep track of how various branches are doing, audit call records, and even establish outbound/inbound call objectives.


    SMS and Dedicated Phone Numbers


    Instead of using an unfamiliar cell number, call from a local landline that clients are acquainted with to increase call pickup rates. This also frees up sales negotiators and provides the best VoIP phone packages from having to call out while hiding their mobile numbers. provides Internet voip phone service for businesses and individuals. With our service, you can make calls anywhere in the world at a fraction of the cost of traditional phone service. 


    Even when the team is relocating from one property to another, linking the branch number with the staff's cell phones using cloud phone systems is a simple and smooth procedure.


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