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Challenging the adrenaline at Kalisuci Cave Tubing

  • Gunung Kidul is one area that is popular with its natural attractions. The area which is dominated by limestone or karst hills makes this area barren and arid because rainwater cannot be absorbed by the soil and goes directly to underground rivers that are far from the soil layer.

    But behind the arid limestone hills of Gunung Kidul, there are millions of tourism potentials that cannot be found in other areas. One of them is natural caves in which flowing rivers that flow fast. Tourists will be invited to explore the cave using a float tire and will feel the sensation of rafting that pumps adrenaline. balon gate

    Kalisuci Tourism

    One of the tourist attractions that offer these activities is in the Kalisuci tourist area. In this place, an activity in the form of cave tubing is offered, which is an activity that combines caving or caving with body rafting or white water rafting.

    Here, visitors will feel the thrill of splitting the bowels of the earth by using a float tire along the river along with the rapids along the way. Before doing this activity, tourists are required to wear safety equipment such as life jackets, shin guards, footwear, and protective helmets.

    All of that must be used because this activity is considered an extreme activity. After wearing everything, the local guide will invite visitors to walk towards the mouth of the cave. Tourists will walk down a descending path for about 150 meters until they arrive at the mouth of the cave. balon selfie

    Arriving at the mouth of the cave, the guide will give instructions on things to pay attention to during the activity such as not to bring jewelry, bring cellphones, and for those who have asthma or other health problems to tell the guides about their health problems so that the guides can prepare self.

    After the briefing is over, the guide will ask visitors to get on the float tires one by one and after everything goes down, the adventure down the Kalisuci Cave begins. Tourists will be directly faced with rapids that are ready to make the visitors scream because of the horror. balon sky dancer


    In this area, tourists will be charged a distribution ticket of Rp. 5000,-. And the entrance fee to Kalisuci per person is Rp. 80.000, - (ticket prices can change at any time without giving advance). This activity can only be done if the participants are at least 5 people. Kalisuci is open from 08.00 – 16.00 WIB. Open every day except when it rains and the water discharge is high.


    This tourist attraction is located in Jetisa Wetan, Paddyjo, Semanu, Paddyjo, Gunung Kidul, Gunung Kidul Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta. About 1.5 hours’ drive by motor vehicle from Yogyakarta. balon sablon Jakarta


    1. If it rains, this area will be closed, so contact the manager first so you don't regret when you arrive at the location it turns out to be closed.
    2. Bring a change of clothes because this activity will make you soaking wet.
    3. Jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets should be removed and not worn during this activity so that they are not lost.
    4. Prepare your physical as well as possible because this activity will be physically draining.
    5. For those who have asthma or other respiratory diseases, don't forget to bring your medicine and inform the guide. balon tepuk