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Peek at the Greatness of the Mangkunegaran Palace in Surakarta

  • Surakarta or commonly called Solo is one of the areas that became the center of Javanese civilization in Indonesia. This area has been a place for the growth and development of Javanese culture for hundreds of years until now. In Surakarta there are 2 Islamic kingdoms, namely the Surakarta Hadiningrat Palace and the Mangkunegaran Praja Duchy.

    The two kingdoms are still standing today even though they do not have power in the government such as the Yogyakarta Palace and Pakualaman Palace. Both now remain a symbol for the residents of Solo Raya and its surroundings.

    The Duchy of Mangkunegaran was part of the Surakarta Hadiningrat Palace which was considered too close to the Dutch and unable to act fairly. In the process, the Surakarta Palace was finally broken due to the Salatiga Treaty in 1757. The first king of this kingdom was Raden Mas Said who received the title Mangkunegara I. Its territory covered 49% of the Surakarta Palace. The palace of Mangkunegaran was founded and called Pura Mangkunegaran.

    Just like other palaces, Pura Mangkunegaran is open to the public so that tourists can see various collections from this palace. Here, visitors can find various collections including gamelan, weapons, paintings of kings, golden chariots, family personal belongings, various Dutch gifts, statues, and much more. Besides being able to see priceless collections, visitors can relax in the palace area and gaze at the beautiful Javanese architecture combined with a European touch in a joglo which is the main part of this area.

    Mangkunegaran Palace Location:

    Mangkunegaran palace is located in the center of Solo, precisely on Jl. Ronggowarsito, Keprabon, Banjarsari, Surakarta, Central Java. The location is in the center of Solo City so it is easy to reach it using various vehicles. For tourists who are on vacation in Solo, they can visit this tourist attraction using a Solo car rental if they come in large numbers.

    Mangkunegaran Temple Tickets and Opening Hours:

    This attraction is open every day from Monday to Sunday. Opening hours are from 08:00 to 15:00 WIB but Thursday and Sunday it closes at 14:30. The entrance ticket to this area is Rp. 10,000 per person. For foreign tourists are charged Rp. 20,000,-. (tickets are subject to change at any time)

    Mangkunegaran Palace Travel Tips:

    • Wear polite and comfortable clothes when you go to this area.
    • Dont forget to bring your jual flashdisk promosi and toko bunga Jogja.
    • Wear comfortable footwear for walking.
    • Keep the palace area clean.
    • Hire a guide so you can find out information about the palace.
    • Maintain good manners while walking around the palace.
    • You can rent car or rental mobil Solo to make the journey more easy.